Assignment - Demonstrate a Safe Chemical Reaction

Part 1 - Choose a Group and Experiment

For this assignment, you and at most 1 partner will choose a safe reaction from the list below:

Part 2 - Prior to the Day of the Demonstration

  • Describe the reaction
    • Write out the chemical names of each reactant (chemical that is consumed in the reaction) and each product (chemical that is produced by the reaction).
    • For each reactant and product, identify it as an atom, covalent compound, ionic compound, or other molecule.
    • Write out the chemical equation for the reaction.
    • Is the reaction exothermic (releases energy) or endothermic (absorbs energy)?
  • Complete written lab procedures
    • Safety precautions
    • Equipment
    • Chemicals (reactants)
    • Step-by-step procedures
    • Clean-up instructions

You must complete everything above before you may get chemicals and attempt to prepare for your demonstration.

  • Get chemicals from the teacher
  • Perform the lab, and make sure that it works properly
  • Prepare the equipment, chemicals, and safety equipment for your demonstration

Part 3 - Day of the Demonstration

  • Demonstration of the lab (can be live, or recorded)
  • Helping classmates perform the lab